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Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Download
B95 Series 164.76MB 0 2015-01-29 Download
103型錄 293.66MB 0 2015-01-28 Download
PAR Series-1 268.96MB 0 2015-01-28 Download
PAR Waterproof Series 233.12MB 0 2015-01-28 Download
B130 Series 250.91MB 0 2015-01-28 Download
BULB Series-3 127.98MB 0 2015-01-28 Download
BULB Series-1 296.34MB 0 2015-01-28 Download
PAR Series-2 217.75MB 0 2015-01-28 Download
MR16 Series-1 161.65MB 0 2015-01-28 Download
MR16 Series-2 269.76MB 0 2015-01-28 Download
D200 Series 231.85MB 0 2015-01-28 Download
D300 Series 195.75MB 0 2015-01-28 Download
AR111 Series 133.84MB 0 2015-01-28 Download
BULB Series-2 203.75MB 0 2015-01-28 Download
Order 245.31MB 0 2013-06-13 Download

Rich Sphere Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

RSP was found in 1991, and we have a great reputation and core competitive through focusing on study thermal solution and metal press skill. Through constantly improved and research, RSP has gained a core pattern technology『Non-Soldering Processing』 which has been proved is the best solution for total thermal management. This process require no soldering can not only reduce the cost of manufacture but also environmental friendly because of all the metal part can be re-use.  

Now, RSP is mainly making the LED related products, and it has fully ranges of products , from Small Mr16, Par30, Par38, Ar111. and  for the small high bay 50W to big high bay 600W heat-sink. RSP has positioned our-self as professional thermal solution provider.

Our mission is simple and straight forward which is designing best product for our customer and also be a responsible company for environmental protection.
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